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— Modern Dance Classes

Barbara teaches modern dance classes Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 3:00 to 4:30 in Room 122, Banbury Place, Building 13F. Plans for a beginning class are beginning to evolve on Friday’s at 2:30. These classes are based on Graham Technique as distilled by Michael Doran of the Lynn Dance Company and Barbara’s teacher.

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Volumeone Magazine

On the Cover | Oct. 13, 2011

“Street Dancers in the Woods” by Barbara Shafer
(painting, 2’ x 4’)

“A few years ago, after wondering around International Fall Festival with Ariel, I passed two people preparing to march in the day’s parade.  They were wearing these enormous loon costumes, which, I believe are of Native American origin.  After being granted permission to photograph them, I made a full figure drawing of one, the wing span of one wing was so great it spread on to a second sheet of paper. This piece is now in the collection of Mayo Health Systems-Eau Claire. This painting focuses on the heads of the two dancers, the space is completely altered and they have been taken off Barstow Street and given free range in a garden at Chalice Stream, Ladysmith.” – The Artist – The Artist

What we were thinking: “Barbara Shafer's piece "Street Dancers in the Woods" is showcased on the October 13 issue for its fall-color beauty. Originally we thought this piece was based off two loons in nature but came to find out there was a lot more to it than that (see above). The colors have earth tones and the subjects are indeed common fall-time animals. She's a current faculty member of the art and design department at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Her work is consistently featured through out the country and locally at galleries such as the Foster Art Gallery and the Eau Claire Center for the Arts.” – V1 Designer Josh Smeltzer.